Wholesale/OEM Service

We have the factory located in Shenzhen,China, not only we design the products for "REARMASTER ® " brand, but also we can provide OEM/ODM service for different clients from different countries, we understand that different market has various demands so we can meet the requirements and make the product more competitive in your market.

 All of our products pass FCC,ROHS,CE certifications.For bulk orders, OEM/ODM request please mail to sales@rearmaster.com



Wholesale/OEM FAQ (updated on 14th,August,2023)
1. What is your minimum order?
Usually we don't limit the order quantity, we always have some ready stocks, you can place the order for the stocks,wether it is 1 pcs , 50pcs, 200pcs, 1000pcs  there are all acceptable.
we can ship them with plain packing, you can also choose with our logo or without our logo on the product itself or packing box.


2.Can I use my own logo design?
Yes, it will be ok to use your own logo and packing design , if the product is packed by box, there will be a minimum order of 500pcs, it is the requirement from the packing company.
But we can always use a flexible way such as you can use our ready paper box, we can print your logo sticker or lable then paste on it, then there will be no minimum order request.


3.Can you do DDP?
Yes, in most USA and EU countries we can do DDP price, but in Japan and India some countries we do EXW or FOB.


4.Can you do drop shopping?
Yes, we have links with 4PX China, we can use their systems to place any drop shopping orders for you, we will provide you tracking number within 24 hours so you can track timely.


5.Can you develop or improve your products for us?
Sure!This is our advantage, we always welcome you to come up with any good ideas in developing great products for your country or area, we can start from a few samples first.