Our story

REARMASTER ®, Just for innovative products.

Dear Friend, nice to meet you in our official website, thanks for shopify, now we have a chance to share the story of "REARMASTER ®" brand.

 We were unknown engineer in car rear view vision industry, once upon the time, we have found that some products are not friendly for people to use in the market, we realize that we need to make people use products easy instead of making things tough, based on this idea, we develop some innovative products to hit the market, and they influence the market till today.

2016, we developed the RCA cable with cigar lighter to connect the reverse camera and reverse monitor for easy installation, because in old way people has to get the power supply from the fuse box and reverse light, it is not a easy job, since we developed the cable, reverse camera installation becomes a simple thing, only with a cigar lighter you can all the job done.

This product soon become very hot in the market, that is why you can see since 2017 every seller on line started to switch their rear view camera kit to optional cigar lighter installation way.

Further, we developed the cable with cigar lighter for truck and van, the this product also become very popular in the market, apart from the wireless installation , every seller also started to switch to van/truck camera kit to optional cigar lighter installation way.

2017, we found that if people want to make his dashcam work after they leave the car, they need to buy a power cable to get power supply from the fuse box, it is not a easy job, some people even have to pay for this installation for their dashcams, this make us think wether there is other place to provide power supply for dashcam in the car, the idea is OBD2 port, only it can provide the continuous power supply to the dashcam.

Therefore we start to develop this OBD2 power cable for dashcam to hit the market, we make this unknown product become a famous dashcam accessories for dashcams, till today if you search" REARMASTER", you will first find "REARMASTER OBD" in google, we are very proud of this innovative developed by ourselves, even if some vendors copy our descriptions and designs on line everywhere today, we know we are the first one clearly and we are still doing upgrade for this cable to make it more functional.

Our vision

Idea is endless, passion for product is also endless as well. Based on this official website, we will continue to develop more and more new wonderful and useful products for everyone, and we will also listen to everybody ideas to make products more competitive and more simple to use, we are pleased to grow up with everyone for a better future.Thank you!

Roger Liang

Founder of REARMASTER®