Rearmaster Hardwire Kit 12V-24V to 5V Dash Cam Cable

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1.Step down cable, convert 12V-24V to 5V output to dashcam.

2.Mutiple interface, type-c by default , another two adaptors( mini-usb and micro-usb) for other options required.

3.Installed in fuse box , 24 hours power supply for continuous output.

4.Low battery protection, power will be cut when it detects low battery voltage(11.6V).


Operating temperature: industrial -40°C~+85°C
Static power consumption: about 5-10mA
Conversion efficiency: Maximum value: 96%
Output: DC5V/3A max supports 1-3A
Input voltage: DC12-24V

Package Includes:

1 x Type C hardwire kit
1 x Installing crowbar
4 x Fuse Tap Cable
4 x Fuse Holder
1 x Type C to Micro USB adaptor
1 x Type C to Mini USB adaptor
1 x Clip
1 x User Manual