Rearmaster OBD Power Cable for Dash Camera,24 Hours Surveillance / Acc Mode with Switch Button(Power and ground wire)

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1.Designed to free up your cigarette lighter socket and supply a 24 hours continuous power to your device via OBD connection,enable your device to keep working on after you have parked the car.

2.Dual working mode switch button integrated for your convenience:
ACC working mode,5 minutes off when your car ACC is off;
Surveillance working mode, keep working until it detects low battery voltage(11.6V).

3.Obtaining power from OBD interface only, no interference in other OBD data communication.

4.This cable can be connected to any device with power and ground wires


ACC mode Input: 13V-36V | Output: 12V/2.1A
Surveillance mode Input: 11.6V-36V | Output:12V/2.1A
Extension cable: 1meter (3.28 ft) length

Working Mode:

Mode "O":
ACC mode, when your car ACC is off, the OBD power cable will also power off after 5 minutes.

Mode "— ":
Surveillance mode, when you car ACC is off, the OBD power cable will keep working until detecting the car battery voltage is at 11.6V(low voltage),it will power off after 30 seconds.The low voltage protection for mode "—" protect your car from running out the battery, enable you have enough voltage to start the car for next driving.